About Rank

Rank Projects & Development Pvt. Ltd., is one of the prime Civil and Engineering contractors in South India. Formerly known as Rank Projects, our company has established itself as an irreplaceable force in the field of housing design and development. Over the years, Rank has completed a multitude of high-profile projects in both private and public sectors. With ambitious plans for the future and a number of prestigious clients in the pipeline, Rank’s expected upward trajectory shows their inevitable rise to the top of the Construction Industry.

About The Founder

Founded in Salem, Tamil Nadu in 1978 by Mr.D.Shanmugavelas DS Construction, Rank Projects & Development Pvt. Ltd., has emerged as one of the prime Civil and Engineering contractors in South India with a celebrated legacy of 40+ years.

With an illustrious history of working in the Public sector and a multitude of Government commissioned projects, DS CONSTRUCTION made a name in the field of construction for uncompromised quality of service.

To establish its presence in the world of Commercial Housing in 2003, the company adopted the name Rank Promoters to signify its promise and dedication to prestige and prominence. In 2018, the reins were handed over to the next generation of management and Rank went on to register itself as a Private Limited company under the name Rank Projects & Development Pvt. Ltd. The new Managing Director at the helm, Mr. Vinoth Kumar Shanmugavel, B.E., M.Sc.,(U.K) is committed to making sure that Rank upholds the benchmark of efficiency and excellence that was set by his predecessor. Under the tutelage of this pioneering young leader, Rank pledges to abide by its tradition of dynamicity and innovation.


  • World Class standards
  • Time Efficient Execution
  • Safety - Conscious Work
  • Market Competitive Prices

Quality Assurance

Rank Projects & Development (P) Ltd., is committed to total quality by providing its clients quality work and services. To achieve this, we implement quality assurance system during execution of our projects.

Our Quality Control department is under the direct control of Chief Executive Officer – Technical. The Engineers of the department are monitoring closely and carrying out quality checks at regular intervals. The Department is also organizing fortnightly meetings on Quality Control Programme at the Registered Office which are chaired by the Chief Executive Officer – Technical of the company and attended by the Senior Project Managers / Project Managers of the project sites. The site staff will assure the management on the quality programs which is implemented in the execution and well supported by Planning Department.

Our Quality Assurance programme can be explained under the following broad headings.

1. Quality Control:

This programme provides details for testing of Raw Materials, Work in Progress, Inspection and maintaining relevant records. This also specifies the guideline of calibrating the testing equipment’s which are used by us.

2. System Procedure:

This provides details for controlling the project at macro level by adopting suitable system such as CPM/PERT charts to control time schedule and the activities. The projects are monitored and controlled at various levels from procurement to completion including man power utilization and cost control.

3. Project Planning & Execution:

I. The Project Manager is responsible for day-to-day progress of the project to ensure in keeping up the target. To achieve this, the project manager will guide his planning & execution personnel so that the progress of the project meets the requirement of our Management, Consultants & Clients.

II. The Material Engineer will co-ordinate with the site stores, central stores and procurement Department to ensure the required materials are available in time. He will also maintain a constant watch on the inventory of all the materials to ensure un-interrupted progress of the work. Necessary records will be maintained at each Project Site and Head Office such as Progress Reports, Materials, Movement, Labour Deployment, Test Reports, Deviations and corrective action, sub-contractors database etc.